The Awasiya Shishu Vidyalaya is provided for all persons especially for illiterate. The society opened an Awasiya Shishu Vidyalaya for persons. Six students were thought with supply of learning materials. It was noted that the parents were very happy by the work of the organization. An awareness programme was also organized for Awasiya Shishu Vidayala students parents so that they could be motivated to take participation in ths programme in near future also.


For development of rural area our society members has been organized rural development programme in Madhubani district in this programme our society members of by the help of the local youth, women and children organized sanitation safe drinking water and provide knowledge to use sulabh souchalaya.


Self Help Group (SHGs) enhance the equality of status of women as participants, decision makers and beneficiaries economic, social, and culture spheres of the SHGs have an in build mechanism where emphasis has been given over capacity building of women through developing their dialouging skills.

The SHGs have include a great confidence in the minds of rural women to success in their day to day life.


Environmental education refer to the awareness of physical and cultural. The evironment and perceives its relevance for real life situation. The problems and issues are identifies. One comes across pollution almost at every step in life.


Laxmi Society for Social Development

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